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Referenced article published on on May 29, 2023 written by Otilia Drăgan. Link to original article:

A California-Designed Hybrid Air Taxi Will Be Built in UAE

Bridging continents with its innovative approach, Odys Aviation is changing the game in the advanced air mobility realm. The California-based startup is partnering with the UAE’s Ministry of Economy to create a breakthrough in hybrid-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, and not just anywhere – it will bear the unique badge of “Made in UAE”.

Odys Aviation’s eVTOL is not your typical aerial taxi. Apart from its unique hybrid propulsion system that significantly extends its range to a whopping 750 miles when combined with batteries, the aircraft is sizable enough to carry up to nine passengers and two pilots, all at a brisk speed of 345 mph. This essentially makes it a solid choice for not just short city hops, but also extended regional routes.

The Odys aircraft boasts a distinctive design, incorporating box wings and a flap-based take-off system in lieu of the traditional tilting fans, touting increased safety and stability. To top it all, Odys is aiming to cut emissions by nearly 80% compared to conventional jets by leveraging sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for its VTOL’s gas turbines.

As we eagerly await the unveiling of a full-scale prototype in 2025, the promise of a UAE-built, California-designed hybrid air taxi becoming commercially operational by 2027 is sending ripples of excitement across the globe. This revolutionary vehicle could redefine the future of air travel, and Odys Aviation is flying high towards that future.