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Referenced article published on on April 26, 2023 written by Greg Hadley. Link to original article:

‘Electric Air Taxis’ To Begin Testing at Edwards AFB By March ’24

Ready to ignite the sky with electrifying innovation, the Air Force and Joby Aviation have embarked on a thrilling journey to test ‘electric air taxis’ at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Just imagine Air Force pilots expertly steering Joby’s electrifying vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, defying the traditional norms of flight!

This bold commitment from the Air Force signifies the birth of a new era in aviation, slated to take off in full swing by March 2024. More than just a token agreement, the contract swells to a staggering $131 million, enabling Joby to deliver up to nine awe-inspiring aircraft.

While the initial trials won’t involve passengers, hold on to your excitement because there are plans in place to embark pilots and passengers alike on these gravity-defying machines at Edwards. The mesmerizing prospect of low-cost, efficient, and just-in-time deliveries through these electric aircraft are set to revolutionize cargo operations, adding a captivating edge to air travel.

The strategic collaboration with Joby is not just a leap towards reducing carbon emissions but an ambitious stride into the future of the “last tactical mile.” This partnership has set the stage for Joby’s monumental dream of launching a commercial ‘air taxi’ service in 2025, potentially transforming the fantasy of joystick-steered navigation into an exhilarating reality!

Fanning the flames of this fantastic voyage is Joby’s record of reaching a high-altitude mark of over 11,000 feet and a speed exceeding 200 miles per hour. As we plunge into 2023, the focus is to introduce more of these awe-inspiring aircraft into the hands of Air Force testers, further incorporating them into future exercises.

So, brace yourself for the revolutionizing fusion of electricity and gravity, as Joby’s electric air taxis prepare to redefine the future of mobility!