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Referenced article published on on May 29, 2023 written by Jack Daleo. Link to original article:

A Flying Car Design Among Recently Published Patents

In FLYING’s monthly roundup of notable drone, UAS, and advanced air mobility-related patents, several intriguing proposals emerge. A San Mateo-based firm, Alef Aeronautics, has revealed a patent for a flying car design featuring a vented body housing eight propellers, and expected to be ready for a price tag of $300,000 by 2025. Istanbul University proposed modular landing and docking platforms on structures such as apartment buildings, allowing drone delivery in crowded urban areas. NEC Corp. from Japan introduced a patent for a remote control device capturing operator’s hand gestures to direct drone movement.

Rhombus Systems offers a solution for improving UAV flight safety through a network of antennae, providing a radar system for drones in low-altitude airspace. AT&T has filed a patent for using its Cell on Wings (COW) drones as mobile cell towers transmitting 5G coverage. Toyota’s patent involves drones providing roadside assistance. Beta Air, a pioneer in the eVTOL space, proposed a control assembly allowing the pilot’s arm to manage flight controller functions. Kia proposed a charging system remaining attached to an air taxi during takeoff, possibly enhancing flight times. Please note that the patents filed do not necessarily mean the technology will be developed.