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Hydrogen-powered aircraft in development by Australian company AMSL Aero aims for net zero aviation

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The journey into the skies is evolving rapidly with the pioneering work of AMSL Aero, an Australian startup that’s steering the future of aviation with its hydrogen-powered electric aircraft, Vertiia. Destined to transform regional air travel by 2027, AMSL Aero has garnered its first commercial commitment from AirLink, aiming to achieve a revolutionary 1,000 km flight range on a single tank of hydrogen. This innovation could make eco-friendly air travel not only viable but also practical for wider adoption, particularly in servicing remote and regional areas.

AMSL Aero’s approach is not just about improving the existing technology but reinventing it. Their aircraft, which combines the features of a helicopter and a plane, allows for vertical take-offs and landings, making it a versatile solution for various types of air travel, including cargo and passenger services. Additionally, the company has secured significant funding, indicating robust confidence in their technology and its market potential.

Looking ahead, the integration of hydrogen fuel cell technology into aviation, as highlighted in the federal government’s upcoming Aviation White Paper, promises to amplify the reach and efficiency of air travel. This aligns seamlessly with the aspirations of the eVTOL industry, particularly as cities and industries worldwide are looking for sustainable transportation solutions.

For enthusiasts and future-thinking visitors of All Things Flying Cars, this development is a beacon of the advanced air mobility (AAM) revolution. AMSL Aero’s strides could potentially pave the way for hydrogen to become a cornerstone energy source in the eVTOL sector. Their efforts exemplify the innovative spirit that could soon make the dream of efficient, eco-friendly flying cars a daily reality, altering our skies and broadening our horizons in the coming age.