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Referenced article published on on May 9, 2023 written by Chris Loh. Link to original article:

Japan Airlines Partners With Wisk To Explore eVTOL Options

In a remarkable leap towards a cleaner, more accessible future, Japan Airlines (JAL) and Wisk Aero are embarking on a pioneering journey to revolutionize Japan’s transportation ecosystem. Uniting JAL’s legacy in aviation and Wisk’s cutting-edge eVTOL technology, this alliance intends to sprinkle the skies of Japan’s dense urban centers with self-navigating, electric-powered air taxis.

Imagine the urban landscapes of Japan threaded with the humming of autonomous taxis, ferrying commuters swiftly across traffic-laden streets. Through this venture, JAL and Wisk strive to metamorphose the notion of everyday travel and integrate it with the magic of flight, prioritizing safety, accessibility, and community benefit.

The partnership has put pen to paper with a memorandum of understanding, establishing a clear trajectory towards the launch of Wisk’s groundbreaking 6th Generation air taxi. This remarkable aircraft embodies the vision of the future, being the world’s first all-electric, self-navigating, four-seater eVTOL, designed for passenger transport, inclusive of luggage space and accessibility provisions.

A 90-mile range, cruising speeds of 110-120 knots, and an impressive 15-minute recharge time make this aircraft a beacon of innovation. Working alongside Japan’s Civil Aviation Bureau and other government agencies, JAL and Wisk are gearing up to bring this air mobility dream to fruition, charting a course towards a demonstration flight and subsequent integration into Japan’s national airspace system. A testament to mankind’s limitless potential, this venture promises a transformative era of advanced air mobility for Japan and the broader APAC region.