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Referenced article published on on April 19, 2023. Press release by MGI Engineering. Link to original article:

MGI Engineering launches cargo eVTOL autonomous technology demonstrator

Prepare for lift-off! MGI Engineering, a company steeped in Formula 1 experience, just unveiled a revolutionary cargo eVTOL UAV technology demonstrator at the eVTOL Insights’ London Conference. This isn’t just any demonstrator; it’s one that brings Formula 1 style development techniques into the cargo eVTOL industry. We’re talking about rapid-fire design iterations and lightweight composite structures!

Mike Gascoyne, CEO of MGI Engineering and a Formula 1 legend, led the creation of this game-changer. The Mosquito autonomous technology demonstrators are designed to tackle the burgeoning cargo UAV market with a finesse only a company with decades of Formula 1 experience could muster. Two design variants are being unveiled. The first boasts a tilt rotor configuration with twin rotors on each corner that can tilt up to 45 degrees in either direction. The second one comes with eight rotors spread across four wings. All four wings use MGI’s unique tilt mechanism to maintain pitch and roll.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal; the vehicles are modular, meaning their wings and rotors can be configured depending on the mission. This modularity extends to battery modules too, enhancing cost efficiency. The vehicle’s scalable design can handle payloads up to 500kg, thanks to the platform sharing solutions inspired by Mike’s automotive industry experience.

Gascoyne’s vision isn’t just about cargo eVTOLs, it’s about a future where lightweight hybrid composite vehicles dominate the transport industry. His passion and experience make him believe that these vehicles will significantly reduce the pressure on current transport methods, all while making the entire sector greener. As he pointed out, they already have a fully operational demonstrator vehicle that has successfully transitioned from vertical to horizontal flight. With MGI Engineering, the sky isn’t the limit, it’s the starting line!