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Referenced article published on on June 7, 2023 written by Alex Scerri. Link to original article:

Wisk Aero CEO Brian Yutko on the transition to becoming a fully owned Boeing subsidiary

Step aside, gravity! Wisk Aero, now a fully owned Boeing subsidiary, is charting an exhilarating course into the future of aviation! Brian Yutko, CEO of Wisk Aero, is excited to take the helm of this venture and he’s carrying the kind of enthusiasm that could even make the Wright brothers do a double-take. With a strong pedigree in aerospace engineering, he’s leading Wisk Aero into a realm where vehicles soar without pilots, liberated by an autonomy-first approach that is redefining our very conception of travel.

Now nestled under the mighty wings of Boeing, Wisk is accelerating towards creating the first autonomous air taxi, an endeavor that echoes humankind’s age-old yearning to conquer the skies. Importantly, their mission doesn’t change with the transition of ownership, rather it allows Wisk Aero to streamline collaborations and bring the future of mobility to us even sooner.

The journey might be challenging, but the vision is crystal clear. Wisk’s sixth-generation air taxi is being built to be uncrewed from the get-go, there’s no plan B or hidden pilot controls onboard. This determination to pioneer is not only Wisk’s differentiator, but its defining ethos. With the backing of Boeing, they are on a thrilling quest to meet safety targets and introduce this industry-first marvel to the world.

The imminent reality of autonomous flight fills Wisk Aero’s heart with elation, and it’s contagious! Yutko is excited about their tight alignment with the Federal Aviation Administration’s vision for Advanced Air Mobility. With a clean slate and direct approach to autonomy, they plan to be part of high-density operations and bring to life the FAA’s innovative visions. The sixth-generation autonomous air taxi is built for this vision, and the only thing left is to continue its development and testing.

We stand at the brink of a new dawn in aviation, where our skies will be traced with the trajectories of autonomous flying cars. Wisk Aero’s relentless commitment to innovation and the sturdy support of Boeing are merging on a horizon filled with groundbreaking possibilities. Hold on tight, because our journey into the air has never been so close at hand! We are thrilled to witness this extraordinary leap into the future, right here, in this very decade. After all, why merely dream about flying when we can actually live it?