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Referenced article published on on January 19, 2023 written by Michael Goldstein. Link to original article:

There’s A Flying Car In The CES2023 Parking Lot

Hold on to your jetpacks, folks! The dreams of science fiction enthusiasts worldwide are materializing right before our eyes in the CES2023 parking lot, with the presence of the ASKA A5 – a transforming marvel straight from the pages of a futuristic novel!

This captivating contraption, the brainchild of Silicon Valley startup ASKA, is daring to realize the dream of personal air transportation. It’s not just an electric vehicle you can drive like any old road-bound car, but it also transforms and takes to the skies like a quadcopter!

Despite a few initial hiccups, the ASKA A5 graced CES2023 in Las Vegas, piquing curiosity and inviting awe. True to its promise, it showed off its potential as a full-size, fully functional prototype, capable of transforming from a car to a plane and vice versa. Isn’t that mind-blowing?

This fantastic flying car comes with a myriad of innovative features and an exciting operating model. Boasting a potential air travel distance of up to 250 miles, the ASKA A5 is designed to make commuting a breeze, especially for those weary city-dwellers seeking more affordable life in the exurbs. Imagine cutting down a 2-hour drive from San Francisco to an exurb like Gilroy to just a mere 30-minute flight! The founders envision an on-demand ride service set to launch in 2026, where certified pilots pick up riders from their homes and whisk them to their destinations via the sky.

The technical geniuses behind ASKA, Guy and Maki Kaplinsky, aren’t novices in the realm of innovation. Their previous startup, IQP Corporation, was a pioneering force in the Internet of Things before being acquired by GE Digital in 2017.

The ASKA A5 is a splendid amalgamation of automotive and aviation design. It’s not just fully electric but also comes equipped with a gasoline engine acting as an onboard range extender. It boasts all-wheel-drive traction for driving and transforms with unfolding wings fitted with six rotors for flying, capable of both vertical and runway takeoffs. With four passenger seats and safety features including a ballistic parachute for emergencies, it’s a truly transformative invention.

This awe-inspiring vehicle epitomizes the fusion of electric vehicles with aviation technology and stands as a testament to the technological advancement we’ve been dreaming about for decades. With pre-order reservations already open, the ASKA A5 is charting a course towards commercialization by 2026, turning dreams of futuristic personal air travel into reality!