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Joby and Toyota Expand Partnership with Long-Term Supply Agreement for Key Powertrain and Actuation Components

In a thrilling advancement for the future of all-electric air travel, Joby Aviation, a trailblazing company dedicated to developing electric aircraft for commercial passenger service, has announced a long-term partnership with global automotive giant, Toyota Motor Corporation. This enduring alliance will result in Toyota providing crucial powertrain and actuation components for Joby’s aircraft production.

The alliance between Joby and Toyota is already time-honored, with collaboration spanning various projects that have bolstered the production and assembly of Joby’s aircraft. Toyota, in fact, is the largest external shareholder of Joby, with an investment of approximately $400 million in the Company.

Joby and Toyota aren’t stopping at mere manufacturing collaboration. They are also working together on establishing an air taxi shuttle service in Japan for Toyota-associated passengers. This collective endeavor to create a seamlessly integrated air-to-ground mobility network truly marks a momentous step towards achieving Mobility for All.

What’s more exciting? The components designed by Joby and crafted by Toyota will be integrated into Joby’s aircraft at the Company’s pilot production line in Marina, California. This facility, designed with assistance from Toyota, is prepared to validate scalable tooling and processes at lower volumes before escalating to full-scale production.

On the cusp of a new era of urban mobility, Joby’s progress is emblematic of the electric revolution that’s set to redefine our cities’ skies. Their unwavering dedication to deliver a fast, quiet, and emissions-free transportation service is leading us towards a future where the buzzing of drones might become as common a city sound as the honking of horns is today.

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